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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters offer light control, insulation against Canberra’s harsh winter and summer seasons, and above all a beautiful finish in your home or office. This design option is a classic choice that will look beautiful with all decor themes.

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Our Timber (basswood and cedar) range is a natural hardwood with a beautiful natural finish. This product is for interior use only, and is available in a range of natural colours. We have 14 shades of white, in addition to natural, lacquered or oil finish.

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Our Polymer range provides superior insulation compared to other materials, and is best value for money. For both interior and exterior use, this product is mould and crack resistant, and maintenance free. Polymer is a great solution for wet areas and is easy and quick to clean. Our range includes 18 colours, including multiple shades of white.

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Our Aluminium plantation shutters are constructed from T5 aluminium, making them extremely strong and durable. These are a good outdoor product for entertaining and al fresco areas as they are weather resistant and easy to clean. We have five different colours in our aluminium range.

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